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What overdrive pedals do you use?

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Hey guys just got a job working at Guitar Center and wanted some of your guys/gals opinions on what drive pedals you're using in front of your amp. I've gotten out of using pedals as my main distortion since getting my Mesa Nomad (which i LOVE!!!), and just wanted to know what pedals you've had good experience with. I've always loved the opinions I get on Jemsite, and just wanted to pass the knowledge onto other customers.

On a side note, my first paycheck is going towards the MXR Carbon Copy Delay!!! It is amazing in how clear and natural sounding it is.....

Take it easy
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I have a satchurator it's great, takes a bit of time to dail in just for you though. I used to have a Digitech Bad monkey for a tubescreamer type vibe. I loved it's SRV esque tones with my single coils, I gave it to my dad just for fun because my satchurator does it's job and the Bad Monkey's job and the BM (haha) was just taking room on the pedalboard. But honestly, for the price it was cool. No coloration if you don't want it on your tone and it's cheap. Added great tubey warmth to the clean channel. Not distortion just overdrive. I know it's not boutique but I still loved it.

I used to have a Vox bulldog distortion, it was good for one thing only and all pickups sounded the same on it so I got rid of it (I'm a HSS config guy and I'm heavy on the stratty tones and the BDD just masked all of the single coil tones). But if you wanted a hard rock metal tone (not death metal mind you) it did it, but it just wasn't versatile and it sounded weak for solos.
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