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What overdrive pedals do you use?

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Hey guys just got a job working at Guitar Center and wanted some of your guys/gals opinions on what drive pedals you're using in front of your amp. I've gotten out of using pedals as my main distortion since getting my Mesa Nomad (which i LOVE!!!), and just wanted to know what pedals you've had good experience with. I've always loved the opinions I get on Jemsite, and just wanted to pass the knowledge onto other customers.

On a side note, my first paycheck is going towards the MXR Carbon Copy Delay!!! It is amazing in how clear and natural sounding it is.....

Take it easy
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boss MD2 with flat all the distortion and booster and full with tone...prety blusey and also the boss BD2...
MI-Audio tube zone :D

Imagine the tone here: RG2820 with Duncan Full Shred (b) and Jazz (n) -> Tube Zone -> '86 Fender Twin (the red knob one). Man, now I just wanna go home and jam!
Used to run a modded SD-1 in front of my GH50L, now I use an OCD @ 18v through my Holland Little Jimi.

Re- distortion boxes, I've tried a ton and only my monte allums modded DS-1 did the trick before the Satchurator launched. Used to own a modded MT-2 for metal but don't do much metal anymore. If I do, there's always the Uber Metal.
Well Im using a mesa Nomad 100 and to be honest the distortion does not cut it for metal in my opinion. So I use a boss Metal Core and it really sounds awesome. Gives you that crunch that the Nomad needs...

Lovin my Nomad its a great amp
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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