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What Would You Do If You Had More Practice Time?
Written by Gary Fletcher

"If only I had more guitar practice time, I'd..." "I wish I could practice guitar more." Are you a guitar learner that wishes for more practice time? If you are you're not alone, it is a wish I hear frequently from learners of all levels.

But do you know exactly what you would actually do if you had more time? If you don't then more time probably won't help you after all. Here's a way to work out exactly what you would do with extra practice time, and it might help you discover you don't need more after all...

What You Would Do With More Time?

If you don't know exactly what you'd do with more practice time then start by asking yourself why you want it.

Are you unsatisfied with what you play? Maybe you don't play it quite as well as you'd like to? Could be that you'd like to try some other style of music. Or maybe you think that if you simply did what you do now for longer you would get better?

Make a list of the reasons you come up with and get a clear idea of why you want more practice time.

Why Not Do It Now?

Now you know why you want more practice time, but you might not know what you would practice yet. You have turn turn your reasons why into things that you can practice.

Take a look at your list, do you have items like "I'd like to play barre chords", or "I want to play scales faster" on it? You can't practice those, so you have to turn them into activities that you can.

If your reason is "I'd like to play barre chords" then you need to find specific practice actions to achieve that.

Once you have your list of specific things to practice, why not do them. Just go ahead and practice the things you want to. Maybe you can fit it into the time you have already, or you could drop something that is not satisfying you currently.

Or maybe you'll just get enough motivation about the thing you want to do to trade an hour or two of watching TV to practice it.


Wishing you had more practice time is an easy way to put off doing what you need to, but it won't improve your guitar skills. Use the simple method described above to figure out how to turn your wishes for more practice time into useful action that will make you a better and more satisfied guitar player.

Are you serious about improving your guitar skills? Then here's a challenge for you. Ask yourself why you want more practice time right now, then turn it into at least one practice action you will do today. Leave a comment with your reason and action so we can all cheer you on your way.

Gary Fletcher shares guitar tips and lessons at his blog Not Playing Guitar.
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