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Hello folks,

my RG2820 CT-VV gets a setup at the moment and i'm thinking about ordering the first fret job / fret replacement after nearly 20 years of wear. I know the original frets are "jumbo", but I don't know the exact type. Can you help me out here?
Bonus question: is there anything concerning measurements I have to keep in mind if I chose to order stainless steel frets?

More information on the guitar (different finish in the pics, but basically the same model):

Thanks in advance!

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It's impossible to be 100% sure without measuring the frets that are on your guitar, as Ibanez sourced slightly different fret wire from different vendors depending on the particular runs, on otherwise identical necks.
You should discuss this with the luthier who'll do the regret job anyway, depending on the neck there's details to take into account that you probably never imagined. The binding on the Prestige necks is very nice, but it's a nightmare to work on come refret time.

Also, have you tried to email Ibanez with your guitar's serial number and ask them directly?

They actually take customer support seriously 😉

But the beauty of the refret process is that you get to choose exactly the fret wire you want, within limits.

At that point it's a matter of personal taste.

You could choose a traditional Dunlop 6100 jumbo, which is very probably the original fretwire that came on your guitar, or a more modern tall and skinnier 6105. I've actually had my RG2750E refretted with Jescar 55090, which is a stainless steel 6105 equivalent.

My luthier didn't forgive me for months after that.

Just be careful to choose the right tang size, it can't be smaller than what was already there, or the frets will have to be super-glued and it will be that guitar's last refret ever.

By the way, here's something you can look up to get an idea of the options you have:


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