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Which single coil??

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Please could you guys help me out.

I really miss the funky/quack 2 & 4 positions I used to get on my strats now I have a RG.

which single coil to I install between my two EVO's??

positions 2 & 4 are unusable live due the drop in volume and thin sound.

I checked the phasing and that seems ok.

Also what is the deal with a mahogany bodied guitar how does it sound compared to alder/basswood?

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This should be in the 'pickups & wiring' section

I have a Dimarzio VirtuAL 2 Bridge model wired as a single in my middle position between an Evolution and a PAF Pro. (guitar is a basswood Jem, not unlike your RG).

I think it sounds terrific. It cuts without losing too much gain and almost sounds like a piezo in the #2 position.

I made a few samples for you - they're bite size :)


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Mahogany won't snap or quack like alder, and basswood is somewhere between them. For balance, you need a hot middle pickup, but it won't quack as much - less highs and a greater percentage of the combo sound (the bridge coil adds most of the treble "spank"). But it's always a compromise, unless you're willing to swap out your bridge pup.
...and compression is a wonderful tool on a clean sound, when used correctly :)

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