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Eddie K made this bad boy white pickguard for me about 2 years ago. It fits the original model 777 series Jems. I don't know which other models it might fit. It brightens up the whole guitar and makes it look "cleaner" IMO. Anyhow, it is in like new condition, since the LNG just sat in its case.

The volume and tone holes are further away from the bridge humbucker than the original 777 models. It is more like a Charvel distance, so you don't bang your hand into them.

I don't remember what I paid. It was like $50 plus shipping. I will sell this puppy for $25 (includes Priority Mail shipping).

PayPal or US Post Office Money Orders

I live in NJ (07203) and work in NYC in case you want to meet and swap pickguard for cash.
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