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White Noise
Written by Ava

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Here's a little something that will make your ears ring!

Jack White of The White Stripes is a killer guitar player--but he wouldn't be able to tell if the guitar killed him.

I'll explain. The rocker and Rancoteurs star is used to playing the guitar at such a deafening volume that the people around him have shown cause for concern.

Jack himself doesn't even know how loud he can get--he only realizes it when sound engineers show him decibel readings.

This taken from Rolling Stone magazine, where he was recently quoted as saying, ""I need to feel it (volume). I've gone through things where I go onstage and the sound guy at soundcheck comes over and he'll hold the decibel meter and show it to me while we're playing - and it's 127 decibels. That's not good. And I can't even tell. If it's not right there, it feels wimpy, it feels uninspiring."

Jack, take it down a notch!

Source: Contactmusic.com
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