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Hi All readers
Im new to this forum,but i have 1 thing i want to know.
Im the proud owner of a PGM30,a UV7BK and a JEM 7PBK.
The JEM 7PBK i bought as a puzzle some years ago,(it had fallen on the ground when playing a gig) and the neck was broken.
I got the change to buy it from the guy for a little money.
But know comes the tricky part of this.
This guitar weights ½ of the weight of my PGM30 & UV7BK guitars.
(volume of the body and neck is the same on the PGM30 and that 1 is basswood)
That was the thing that did ring a bell.
The serialnumbers on the wood between the body and neck are the same on both guitar parts.(i have pictures of that,it has both 7PBK stamped on it)
After close examination of the body,i and a friend of mine that know woods in general,said to me that the body of that guitar is ALDER.
All Info on that guitar that i have found so far on the internet says that 7PBK's have all Basswood as body..
Is this a mismatch in the factory or something?
I found it really weird.
Someone any idea on this?

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It's Basswood !
There's no way they could have 'mis-matched' a body made from a different wood now is there.It's just not possible!

Some pieces of wood are just heavier than others and the PBK has a large chunk of wood cut out for the handle which is gonna' affect the weight.

I bet if you actually weighed the guitars it isn't half the weight of PGM.

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The uv7bk is a bigger guitar all around and should be the heaviest of both. The pgm30 is it the all access neck joint version? regardless it has more wood, since it doesnt have a handle in it at all, combined with the fact that it is rear routed. I would imagine your weight difference is fairly common. You also have to think of the extra amount of wood that has been taken out to accomodate the lions claw behind the bridge, and the jem's input jack which takes out more wood than normal. couple that with age and youve got a lighter guitar. No ibanez from that period used alder to my knowledge they didnt even have it in the factory's *correct me if Im wrong on this one guys*
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