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Hello all,

New here so consider this an introduction. ^_^ I mostly play death metal and am in a band called Catatomic.

I bought my UV7BK with the green dots in 1994 as new. I got a nice discount because it had been sitting for a long time and the shop misplaced the case/candy. Later on I would be able to date it as a 1991 so yeah it had been sitting a while I guess!

Anyway, just joined and started looking at other pictures of the Universe from this period and noticed they all have this bar across the headstock for string retention. Mine never did and there are no extra holes or anything on the headstock. I assume these screw directly into the wood?

Was there a period where Ibanez didn't put these on this model, or did they just forget to put it on mine? :sad2: I've never really had problems with staying in tune so I'm not going to install one but of course I'm curious...
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