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May seem like an odd question coming from somebody who takes a lot of pride doing my own setups.

But im just wandering, with perfectly level frets and relief, action, intonation etc all set. Why do some guitars achieve very nice low action without fret buzz and yet others do not manage this?

I have been setting up friends guitars for them and over time i have found that the only guitar i can get MY perfect setup on is my Ibanez RG prestige guitars. What causes these differences??

Thanks again guys!!

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Lots of factors to take in-

Neck angle
Shim thickness
Nut height
String gague and type/brand
The springs themselves
Fret radius
Truss rod adjustment
Trem angle vs how far the screws are in the body on the claw vs how many times you tuned up wioth the tuners to level the trem

I know I'm forgetting a few things
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