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I followed these wiring diagram on the below of this topic but the neck sounds still thin and weak while the bridge sounds full. Both of the stock pickups are 3 conductor wiring. Red, white and bare wire. Red is my north and the white i think for split while bare wire is for ground. The components I use are CRL 5 way sliding switch, WD vol and tone pot 500k each and H-S-H configuration. Can you all please help me how to find this out the neck will sound full? Thanks



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"Thin and weak" is highly subjective. The pickup itself might be much less out put than the bridge. Next you have a 2-wire (+ ground) pickups so the two coils (of the humbucker) are wired as one meaning you always get both coils on or off (you can't split them, etc.). So with the switch in neck-only position both coils of the neck PU are on... touch the coils with a small screwdriver and you'll hear if they're on. Likewise see if other coils are on (which they should not).

Lower the bridge PU, raise the neck PU a bit and see if it balances things. I wouldn't jump to conclusions that this is a wiring problem.

You can (should) quickly measure the relative output of each PU with a multi-meter to compare resistance (more resistance, more output) of the bridge vs neck. One PU might be 5Kohm the other 10Kohm (more output) let us know.
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