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Will and Edge Pro fit into an Edge cavity?

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I just bought a RG570 body for a new project, and ive got my eye on a Double Edge Pro. My question is will the edge pro fit into the cavity (which was originally fitted with a normal Edge trem)? Or will it need routing, or just not possible?
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it won't just drop right in if that was what you mean. You will have to do some work to make it fit.
I was under the impression that edge pro's could fit in edge pockets but edge's couldn't fit in edge pro cavities. Maybe it's just the stud spacing?
You have to move the studs or you won't be able to intonate it. You could use a Lo Pro but not an Edge Pro. The EP and EPII don't interchange with any others.
Maybe I am thinking of the wrong trems since Im dont know all models real well, but I bought an RG520QS body, which uses an Edge normally, and dropped my Edgo pro from my RG1570 right in. The only thing that needs to be changed is a bit of wood should be routed out between the studs since the pro is a bit fatter underneath. It will still go in but you dont get the full range of motion when pulling the strings higher.

It will fit in there. That is not the problem. The Edge Pro has a different spacing from the posts to the string saddles, so there is a good chance you cannot move the EP saddles far enough to be able to intonate the guitar. Do a search ... there are a couple other threads about this topic.
I just kinda put this guitar together with spare parts I had so Id have some kind of backup. Your right the innotation is not correct, but it is very very close, the high E was about 1/8 of a step down at the 12 fret and another 1/8 at the 24th fret. I moved that saddle back a couple mm (plenty more room to move it) and its nearly dead on. I dont think there will be any problems with the rest of the strings. I have worn out 2 sets of strings since i put this guitar together a week ago, and I still cant really notice by ear that the innotation is off.

Sounds like id probably be best sticking to a lo-pro or an edge for now then, maybe when i get a bit more courage up ill try converting it! :)
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