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Will Rerouting Work???

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Ibanez X Series Worthy???

Recently i have had my sights set on an Ibanez RVX220 because of its unique "V" shape that i love so much and super fast playability. However i am also a big fan of the Edge Pro trem, this is when the problems start. This guitar that i want only comes with a stoptail bridge. Now i wanted to take out the hardtail bridge and open nut and get the body rerouted for the Edge and a locking nut. I was just wondering if this is possible without damaging the guitar and how much it would cost roughly to have this done. It may seem like a lot of work for a $300 guitar but it really love it so getting a different one is not an option. So are there any other things that i may have to get done for the rerouting if it is possible. And just for the record I am also planning on getting an EMG 81 Active brdge pickup as well. I dont really hear much about the X series so could someone tell me if they can really live up to the Ibanez rep?
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