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I'm wondering if anyone has any wiring diagrams for a H/S/S setup with 5 way switch? I currently have a DiMarzio Chopper, Fast Track 1 and a Tone Zone ready to be inserted and all pickups 4 conductor wirings (hum cancelling.) Is it possible to get a H/S/H wiring diagram and copy from that just treating the neck humbucker as a 4 conductor single coil? Or does it have to be different? I've noticed that there are some h/S/h diargram (single is hum cancelling) on www.dimarzio.com - so is it ok to copy from those?

Also, how would i go about coil tapping the tone zone and the others? I plan doing this configuruation:

5 [Bridge] - Humbucker
4 [Parallel] - Bridge north coil + Single coil
3 [Middle] - Single Coil
2 [Parallel] - Single coil neck + Single coil middle
1 [Neck] - Single Coil

What I'll probably use a SPST switch to turn it on off for each pickup. But I would need to connect this up to the 5 way switch, so i may need more than 1 SPST. I guess i could use a DPDT switch? Anyway, how would i wire this?

Also would phase switching be difficult to do? I have soldering/electronics experience but not very strong with guitar circuitry hehe :p

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