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wiring for 2 volumes, no tone

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Is it possible to wire a 5 way switch(RG550) so I can have a volume controlling the bridge, and a volume controlling the neck and middle pickup, instead of 1 volume and 1 tone. Thanks.

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There are a couple of ways to do this. It all comes down to what kind of functionality you are looking for. I mean you could wire the bridge pickup to a pot and then go straight to the output jack. But that would pretty much make your 5-way switch half useless.

OR you could just wire the bridge to a pot and then goto the toggle switch like normal. But with that solution you would end up having one volume for your bridge and then a master volume once again. Realistically you would need 3 pots, or 1 normal pot and one push-pull or dual-concentric pot.

Alternatively you could also use a 3-way switch for your neck & middle pickups, and then wire your bridge pickup direct to the output jack.

(or you could just have a volume for your neck and one for your bridge and your middle pickup full on but only active when your 5-way switch is on positions 2-3-4)

Ok........ I'm giving you too many options now aren't I?? (I should really finish writing that book on guitar wiring and stuff, I really can't keep track of all these wiring options in my brain anymore..)
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actually im going to do a mod like that on a RG270... one volume for the bridge, and one for the neck.... the middel one actually i dont really use it too much...

im going to do it directly from the pickup to the pot... and from the pot to the 5 way switch... be carefull change the tone pot to a linear 500k pot... the tone one isnt lineal, so it will behave different... also i was thinking to have pull pots, and when pulled to have a resistor and act like low-vol, for warm overdrives, rythm gtr... things like that.. havent figured out how many ohmns on the resistor for that mod...

see ya
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