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Wish List of Features

Wish List of JEM/Universe

& Ibanez Features

As near perfect as these guitars are, you know we always want more. Below are some additional ideas and features JEM and Universe owners are looking for from Ibanez. Is the Audience Listening?

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UV with a Monkey Grip - I'd like to believe that several reasons exist for it's exclusion. These include increased production cost, weakening the body below what a production level 7-string would require (the low B-string really adds lots of tension on the neck joint) and loss of guitar sustain & tone due to the decreased body mass. The reason that sticks out like a sore thumb is that Ibanez wanted to increase profits and thus keep costs down by circumvent royalty payments to the monkey grip's creator, Joe Despagni.
UV with a Tree of Life vine inlay - Costs may be the deciding factor in this, because the vine is a much more intricate inlay than the disappearing pyramids. UV's were selling in low numbers to begin with so increased costs would have been disastrous at the time.
Re-release of a UV with the Disappearing Pyramid inlay - UV buyers want more detail on the neck than simple plastic dot-inlays. Sorry... plastic dots don't cut it on a $1,500 guitar. Since Ibanez has released a low cost 7-string with the forthcoming RG model, it is critical that Ibanez restore quality to the UV lineup. WISH GRANTED!
JEM/UV without a tremolo - I love tremolos and prefer the comfortable hand position provided by the Edge. It would be nice to see a fixed bridge model, or mechanism to completely lockout the tremolo with minimal fuss. This would make alternate tuning & detuning much easier.
JEM with a AAA flame maple top - Why not a JEM with a gorgeous natural wood finish. Ibanez could use a AAA maple top, stain it a natural color, and use gold or chrome hardware. Maybe they could resurrect the 7RB, add a better top and add a vine or pyramid inlays for the neck this time around.
More JEMs with the thinner Wizard neck - the JEM neck is actually too big for most player's hands. This is especially true if you consider that this is a "players" guitar. The thinner Wizard neck on my 7PBK and the RG565 (I owned for several years) feels much better. What is best for Vai's hands is not necessarily best for the masses. REJECTED Upon further review I think this is a very bad idea! - The Site ;-)
More JEMs with the larger monkey grip - Vai's early hand built guitars had a larger monkey grip. It was placed closer to the bridge, was longer, wider and did not have the finger serrations. Perhaps is looks cooler only because there are so few of them. Either way, why not introduce a model every few years with this tribute monkey grip. These are found only in the 7RB and 7P, which ended their production runs in '89 and '91 respectively.
1999 Ibanez RM7 - R. Nicholas Miller submits this: I'm CAD designing a seven string with these attributes, It'd be spectacular if Ibanez would build it. View pictures and details here!
JEM7VBK Custom - an idea: My friend & I have thought of the PERFECT Jem! A black body w/ a white Mother Of Pearl pickguard, Black Tree of life on Maple fretboard (Grim, I know), M.O.P. Truss rod cover, Cosmo Black hardware, Black Evolution pickups (of course), M.O.P. Ibanez Logo (big bucks there!), Lo Pro Edge, Choice of Standard OR Original large Monkey Grip. We call it...The JEM7VBK!!! Steve, I hope you read this!
UV77PMC - another request: I have always wanted to have Ibanez build a new multicolor 7 string. For '98 I want them to build a purple multicolor UV77 w/ monkey grip, NO pickguard, reverse headstock and maple neck with purple, pink & black pyramids. TALK TO HERC ABOUT THIS ONE!!
UV77PMC - I finally thought of what would be my idea of the perfect Ibanez. Here ya go: A Universe 7, Floral Pattern, small Monkey Grip, Tree of Life inlay (available w/maple or rosewood fretboard), Cosmo Black hardware, black pickups (the pink is not quite "rough" enough for a 7-string), reverse headstock (maybe...?), and Strap-Lok's. I'd sell a kidney for that one. If R. Nicholas Miller's design had an inlay (pyramid or vine), w/ a AAA flame or quilted maple top, I'd consider a dialysis machine! If anyone has any questions or comments, they may e-mail me. Kevan Geier
The "Split-5" switching is cool and all, but why not just have two push pots to split the humbuckers to give a wider variety of tones. They did it on the Vinnie Moore model. Actually, my old teacher has a Roadstar that had a 5-way switch, and a push pot which activated three micro pushbuttons underneath that let you control all of the picups individually. It would not be a bad thing if they brought this feature back into full production (Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello has a custom Talman with this feature) G.E. Jones
Here are my ideas for what I think would be the perfect Jem. A 14-string Universe (I don't know why no one has thought of this yet) with neck through body construction and no neck heel at all, small monkey grip, AAA flame maple top with a cherry or tobacco sunburst finish, ebony fingerboard, abalone pyramid inlays. It would be rear routed with all gold hardware and no pickguard to hide the finish. Or how about this: a doubleneck Universe with 14-string and 7-string necks. Perhaps a swirl finish with candy apple red and gold. It would cost an arm and a leg (and probably some other parts of the anatomy as well) but wouldn't it be cool? By the way, I just found your site yesterday and wasted about 4 hours in it. Great job!! Thanks, Mike Brown
I along with may other player/collectors have always loved the Jem, Universe and JS models. There are so many choices between these models it just seems bizzare that we could find a manufacturer that would give us so many flavors from my two favorite artists. Still as a tribute to Joe from Steve I wish they would make a Chrome Jem or Universe! Tell me what you think, e-mail Brian Calvert
Munkey/ head signature series: I know that people initially think "torn up/ beat to ****" but if they've seen the custom seven strings that munkey and especially head are holding in their hands recently, they would be screaming for ones of their own! from elegand wine red tops to subtle inlays, their guitars are simply PHAT AS HELL!!!! Bennett Chaney
It would be cool to add more colors to the guitar. for example one black guitar with thin red thunders on the body, all the frets with red flowers. Daniel Marabotto
RG7620L. Why cant Ibanez make a LEFT handed 7-string? Every lefty I know (including me) would love a lefty 7!! I also would recomend having a look at Head+Munkys(from KoRn)new custom RG7620s, they really are ****in beautiful!! JerrY "!" feRnandez
A Universe with an archtop, fixed bridge, knobs conform to the body (like a PRS), sperzel locking tuners, Screw head dot inlays on the neck, 36-fret, low B hipshot tuner, BSB paint job for the body. Far fetched but it sure would be interesting. Shannon Sharp
UV777MC1,MC2,MC3,MC4,MC5, etc! Description: I think Ibanez should make a much better selection of UV's to the Public. Instead of just making 1 model in a year for us to choose from, why not make 5 or 6 (WITH MONKEY GRIPS) and make half of them FREAKY and AWESOME MultiColors! We all know that almost EVERY JEM and UV fan LOVES MC's! If they made 5 UV with 5 different MC paint Jobs...I bet that not only I, but 90% of all you UV and JEM players would buy at LEAST 2-3 of them! Am I right??? YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY JEMS or UV's! (This is becoming my new motto since I'm just starting my collection...3 so far!) Alex Barreiro
UVCT: 7-strings are great, Ibanez is on top of the others, but jesus christ, what does it take to get a carved top guitar around here? Shecter makes carved top 7 strings. Everyone loves a beautiful guitar, and many that Ibanez make are just that, but flat tops are so.. BORING! in my eyes, that's what's wrong with the RG7s. They cost $900 but they look like they cost $400. Look at the ESP horizon.. AWESOME! Imagine a 7 string JS model. (not an S7.. don't like regular sabres at all.) the Infinity just screams PLAY ME! why? Cause it ain't a damn flat top. Just a thought. Carl
Ibanez Star: The perfect Ibanez guitar would have neck thru-construction with no neck joint at all. It would be a 6 string 26 fret model with three emg-81 humbuckers, a AAA flame maple top and star inlays. It would also have a tilt back neck like those on a less paul, and be setup factory Buzz Feiten style just like the Jems that Vai uses. It would come standard with straploks a tremolo tension control that brings the trem back to zero like on some old jems. It would also have a custom made 7way switch and have optional maple or rosewood fretboards. Gary McIntosh
Ibanez UV10 Description: Next year will mark the ten year anniversary of the Ibanez Unverse. So, Ibanez needs to make a tenth anniversary model. Here's the specs: Multi Color Swirl in black, white, and silver, clear pickguard, Vine Inlay (like the one on the Jem) and binding on neck, and (for this model only) a monkey grip and lion's claw underneath the trem. It would be basically the same color scheme as the Jem10 except in swirl. Eric Junker
Ibanez UV7VWH Description: This would be a counterpart to the JEM7VWH. specs: vintage white finish, pearl pickguard, vine inlay, gold hardware. Eric Junker
Universe UV7VWH I know I've submitted here before, but I thought of another one. Since the Jem7VWH seems to be the favorite of so many here, why not have a 7 string version? Make it just like EVO, but with 7 strings. I bet they'd sell like crazy! Mike Brown
JEM777VFMT Well, this JEM is just a crazy reflection of what my ideal JEM would be like. It should have a mahogany body with a flamed maple top (like Red Lace), the new style monkey grip. It should have an ebony fretboard with a paua shell vine (expensive, I know), 2 Breed humbuckers with no middle pickup (it just gets in the way) a clear pickguard, and a transparent blue finish. (oh yeah, and a powder coated lo-pro like on the bsb). Robb
JEM7BSP A JEM to replace the JEM7BSB but stain it purple. David Mosimann
UVGMC Use a RG 7 string (or whatever) series guitar and put the green multi color pattern on it. With a clear pick guard, green tree of life inlays on the fretboard, lo pro edge pickups(green & black), no monkey grips, and a rosewood fingerboard. - Jon Shaffer
JEM7BSB I want a jem 7bsb with the single coil moved up a little and a black lace sensor put in by the bridge humbucker. then i would want the steve morse switching system so i could have every combonation of pickups possible. Joe Johnson
UVDC: Make a Dino Cazeres signature UV, one pickup, white binding on the neck and body, one volume knob, no inlays except for the two dinosaur skulls at the 12th fret. Robb
Universe w/scalloped fingerboard. Some Jems have a half-scallop, why not offer a full or half scallop fingerboard on a Universe? Eric Clark
JEM7R: R for Reissue. The same only different: Large Grip, rosweood F/B, matching headstock, cosmo black, 3-color pyramids, lo-pro Edge, AANJ, Limited Ed. Available in more than one or two finishes: LNG, SK, DY, LB, LR, BK, WH. The more subtle finishes should come with pearl/abalone pyramids. LOW COST!!! Mike Haug
UV10. I'm not sure this originally got through so it's a 2nd attempt. MULTICOLOR finish, MATCHING HEADSTOCK, MONKEY GRIP (like Vai's pre-production one), LION'S CLAW cavity, CASE INCLUDED, and as a possible idea: multi colored pickups (each bobbin a different color) Mike Haug
Jem77TD. A Jem 77 but with a ty-dye fabric underneath the finish. Tye-dye has never really totally died in popularity and is loud enough for a Jem. Very important, I hate it when you can still see some of the white fabric after it's dyed. Mike Haug
UV10. : Multi-color swirl. Matching headstock. Monkey Grip(like the pre-production models). Lion's Claw cavity. And perhaps multi-colored pickups as an idea (aech bobbin a different color) Mike Haug
JEM7BSB w/vine. The jem 7bsb would look killer with a blue vine!! Tony Gasser
UV7LF. Universe with a Luthite finish!!! Hell yeah! You've got your UV w/ the finish, no pick guard. The PU's are mounted directly into the body with the neck set flush (that's right, flush) into the body, recessed Lo-Pro Edge trem, AANJ. Scalloped fret board. Finish is carried over to the head w/ a black "Ibanez" logo and a Luthite TR cover, cosmo black hardware. "LF" stands for "Luthite Finish". The thing is nicknamed the "Chrome Man", 'cus this toy ain't for no boy!! Combining Steve and Joe. Kyle
Re-release Heart Guitar. I'd like to see Ibanez release those 3 necked heart guitars, with an arched, AAA flamed maple top, stained red, with all gold hardware, and 6 string (w/ tremelo), 12 string, and fretless necks, all with the tree of life inlay pattern. I know it would cost a ****load but it would be damn interesting. Robert Sayer
Universe or RG7L. WE NEED LEFT HANDED 7 STRINGS. A lot of companies are seeing the demand for left handed models, including & strings. Shouldn't Ibanez? John Williams
7 Strings (many imaginative ideas). I think Ibanez should make the UVs with ebony fingerboards because they look and feel better. Also i think they should take the chroming idea from the Satriani guitar and out it to work with the UV and make it an Anniversary model. They should also make more colors available fpr the UV.I alos think they should bring back the Sabre 7 string. Also i think a natural UV would look beautiful with no pickguard and Tribal inlays. Also one UV7BSB that is all i have to say about that. And one last thing LEFT HANDED 7 STRINGS. I am not a lefty myself but I have 3 friends that are and they are pissed about it. Well that is all. Matthew Cranford
UV&CB. Ever see Munky's new Ibanez Custom Shop Rg7? The guitar has the same color finish, only a little lighter. White "Ibanez" and "Universe" logos, black chrome hardware, but the truss rod cover, pickups, and controls are aspen white. Ebony neck, Lo-Pro Edge trem, NO PICKGUARD. Direct-mounted pickups (Blaze II's). Screw head inlays. I'm currently working on doing this to my UV7BK, minus the ebony fretboard and direct-mount. This is cool! I still wich Ibanez opened up their custom shop! Kyle
UV7PWH. I think ibanez should maka an UV7PWH, just like the old one but with an all access neck. Alex Oberg
JEM777. It would be cool if Ibanez would reissue the LNG, DY, and SK 777s with updates like the aanj and tremolo. Gabriel Klotz
Jem and Universe Multicolor. I just wanted to wish Ibanez could bring back the 6&7 string multicolor Jems and Universe guitars! My one wish is the would offer both with a choice of maple or rosewood. Other than that...I find it hard to improve on such awesome looking, feeling and sounding guitars! Oh, if they did reissue these...keep the list price within reason without pokin' us! Mark
RG7 Korn Signature. If you have seen the guitars Head and Munky have used lately you would think they kick ass! You guys should mass produce Korn signature guitars. I would buy them all! From: Logan
Jem77PMC. My ideal "Jem" would have to be a slight twist on a past model that I see a lot of comments on. But, the "twist" would be in the inlay work. My idea is a multi-color with a vine inlay with the stem in green or purple and the leaves would be different colored (like the way the pyramid inlays were on the seven string multi-color's). It was just an idea rolling around in my head for a while. I guess that I would have to see it to believe it! I thought it would be pretty rockin'! -Mark Schloe
JEM7VWH Lefty. Steve's guitar in lefty. Gregg Buckley
RG7620 7 string guitar. Iv'e trying to find the RG7's but no stores have them. i Think u guys need to make more of them quick and start shipping them to stores. There are a lot of demmands for them. Also u need to make more designs for them. LIke heads custum made. That would be great. Neil Tapman
JEM777DY reissue. Origanal edge tremolo, with an all access neck joint and a renforced neck. - Aaron Lonergan
Universe UV77VMC. 7-string w/black/white/silver & gold swirl finish.(body & headstock) abalony vine inlay on rosewood. Evolution 7-string pickups, Gold hardware, On/off swith between volume and tone, Chrome color trussrod cover and back covers. Chrome pickups w/black knobs. This would be the 7-string of the Highest Class!!!!!!! Rodney James
Ibanez RG7. I really want an Ibanez 7 string guitar cause they are beautiful but I am not sure of one the price and two if they make them in left- handed cause i know a lot of left handers and they would all like a left handed 7 string so make some up Ibanez soon to settle the cravings of us southpaws. Adam
Jem777HSP. I'd like to see a Jem release that is basically an FP, but with a Satin Hawaiian shirt fabric sealed under the clear finish. Easily Loud enough for a Jem. Rob Sayer
Ibanez JEM7AMF. I know its sounds Weird, but I would love to see a Liberty JEM, same foundation as JEM7v but with a swirled paint job using large metal flake paint in red, blue and silver. I would like a bound maple neck with ebony fingerboard, but instead of the vinelay go for a pyrimid with the number seven disappearing behind it, color od inlay would be left up to Steves Discretion of course. Dennis Whitney (exp 5/24/99)
Jem 777SE. SE is for "studio edition." Aesthetic qualities are the following: AAA-grade figured maple tops and headstocks. Light ash bodies, Abalone vine inlay and side markers, wide variety of trans colors, "ebonized maple fingerboard," cosmo black hardware. Electronics: Piezo electronics mounted in lo-pro edge with dedicated concentric vol/tone, Evolution humbuckers with 3-way tapping for each(full,bridge side,neck side), DiMarzio Virt.Vintage HvyBlues middle single coil, master 5-way p/u switch, volume and tone for magnetic pickups. mike haug(exp 5/24/99)
BRING BACK THE 77BFP Description: PLEASE me and a lot of peaple would be very happy if you could bring us back the blue floral pattern. Nicolas Capolla-Daneau
JemBSB Custom. It would basicaly be a BSB but with the steve morse guts in it. that would kick - Joe Johnson
RG7620l or RG7621L. Make one of the RG seven strings available for lefties. Ibanez says that they never will because it is not cost effective. If they actually looked at this wishlist, I think they would change thier minds. john williams
Ibanez RG7621L - A Ibanez 7-String Fixed Bridge for a LEFTY. With a CUSTOM paint job like Monkey and Head's from KORN, their guitars are awsome. Justin
Inverted Jem / Universe. I'd love to see an inverted headstock option for all Ibanez guitars, especially the Jems and Universes. Ed Jackson
JEM 77SF, A "Scandinavian Furniture" JEM: an alder or ash body with a matte clear finish, an unfinished neck and rosewood fingerboard with no markers. Black hardware. All-access Neck Joint.(A distant second wish would be a re-release of the root beer JEM with similar features). Bill Running
Ibanez RG. I would like to see an eight string guitar with 5 bass strings and 3 low end strings. Of course a fixed bridge. James Hall
Ibanez JEM7VP-PURPLE w/ vine Lefthanded Description: A lefthanded Jem 7 with a alder or bassswood body, a slightly narrower neck for smaller fingers with Pauferrofretboard which have vineinlays in darkpurple, scalloped from 21-24 or 12-24, evolutionpickups H-S-H, Lo Pro Edge tremolo, white mother of Pearl pickupcover, built in fishmanpickups in the bridge (costs a fortune but well worth it), gold or black hardware & monkeygrip (a must be). It would be so much better than the crappy Jem 555 leftie!! By the way, why won't Ibanez make a good Jem for lefties. (Been using Ibanez lefty RG 560 and 550 (both made around 91-92) W/LoPro and added Evolution pickups a very good guitar but NOT a Jem). Unfortunately Ibanez makes only begginnerscrap RG 470 for lefties and ocasionally RG 507 (have one, it's good but not better than my RG560.) Wake up Ibanez, there are proffesional and semiproffesional lefthanded guitarplayers who wants and needs a better guitar than you currently supply... Between 10-20% of musicians are lefthanded, (imagine a profit increase of 20%). Esa T
JEM. Hey i have a good idea, dont change a damn thing. The reason why these guitars are the way they are is because its the "Steve Vai" guitar, if we started using our own idea's, then it wouldnt be the Steve Vai jem guitar, it would be the Joe Blow guitar. The only thing i wish is that Steve Vai would deliver it to my door and let me take him to lunch, but until that happens leave it alone!!!! JASON AABERG
Jem 7V It would be nice to have the Jem 7V with the option: Choose your color. That means a new model should appear where you can choose the color before buying it. Martin Schmitt
Jem77B & 775 Jem Series Basses. Available in 4 or 5-strings. Bass tremolo. Pearl/abalone pyramids. Chrome h/w. p&j style pickups (p can only be available for 4-string). Mike Haug
Jem Doubleneck. Well, this is could go a couple of ways. First, there could be a six and seven string version. There could also be a six and twelve. Hardware: chrome or cosmo black. Let's see some vivid colors this time. Jems these days are too black or white. Vines! Mike Haug
UV714 Fourteen strings. Chrome h/w. Pearl & abalone vine inlay. Rosewood fine. Colors! Mike Haug
UV77MC-mkII The next generation in multicolor. Instead of a swirl, use that paint that changes color depending on the angle you look at the guitar. I saw a bass that was refinished with this that was sprayed to display about FIVE colors. Perfect finish for a Jem or UV. One hitch, the paint is really expensive. A pint can run anywhere from $200 to $300. Maybe this could be a sweet UV10 also, hmmm? Mike Haug
RG 7 string prestige. I would like to see an RG 7 string with a quilted maple top,gold hardware,white binding on the neck and emg 707's. Dean Johnston
i would like to three things: the jem7bfp producted again (with evolution pickups). a 7 string reb beach model (like the rbm 10 made for the last year in 95). and the last thing , is a dream , i want Europe and especially France to have the same guitars than the States , at the same price.(really is a dream) Jerome Nogier
LEFTYLEFTY!!!!!! About the previous add of "don't change a thing", you are most likely right handed, because the only thing wrong with the jem-universe series is RIGHT HANDED ONLY! not being able to own the nicest guitars ever made sucks! i have e-mailed ibanez and vai's website numerous times with NO responce. Either they are ignoring me or they are just plain assholes. i have been a vai fan since the david lee roth days. i think i deserve at least a response. John Williams
Push-Pull pot for Coil-Tap in positions 1 & 5 - Angelos Giannatos
Universe WW2. Solid white with black hardware. A choice of locking tremolo or fixed brige.of course it will be a seven string. The pickguard will be mirrored w/ a black outline of a mushroom cloud as if a nuclear explosion occured. For a six string example go to ibanez.com and look at the RG350DX WHITE. darrell dupree
jem777vmm Marilyn Monroe Edition. A jem 777V with Real Abalone vine inlay with a picture of the immortal Marilyn Monroe (I love her) on the body between the rear edge and lion's claw cavity over a black. This might be cool with other '40s-'50s pinups over an iron pewter finish. mike haug
JEM, JPM, JS Hybrid. Imagine an Ibanez with the JEM77BFP's graphics and inlays, the body shape of a JS series and the neck and pickup configuration of the JPM... of course, this guitar may or may not have 24 frets, but if it can, it should.... Playing Comfort, Killer Tone, and Looks to die for... OUCH! Lionel Wong
Jem7AEP: Jem7vwh body, but with a transparent purple stained finish on top of a flamed maple top. Oh yeah, and piezo transducers in the saddles of the Lo Pro Edge Trem. Jem7vwh
UV7BSB I think it'd be awesome if Ibanez would produce A universe to pair with the Jem7BSB.It would have A "Vine of Life" inlay with a blue stem and the mother of pearl leafs.And of course the all access neck, Chrome brushed pickguard,and Grey Pewter hardware,Like its Jem counterpart. Ben McGeorge
RG7QM2000. An RG-7 with dot inlays only at frets 1, 12, and 24. A quilted maple top on the body and headstock with an amber sunburst finish on both. A special shaped neck which retains the U contour in the center of the six E A D G B and e strings and rounds off to the seventh string. A specially gauged set of strings which would be gauged .058, .046, .036, .026, .016, .011, .009. and tuned to B E A D G B e. The original edge 7 tremolo with piezo saddles and 4 tension springs. Black hardware. EMG 707 pickups in the neck and bridge position (3 way switching) with an EMG BQ active 3-band EQ (both pickups and the piezo saddles) and individual volume controls for each pickup including the piezo pickups [when the piezo knob is turned up the overall output of the neck and bridge pickups will decrease from only the neck and bridge pickups to only the piezo pickups. A blend knob] that will push/pull to activate EMG DMSK coil tap circuits for the corresponding pickup. How friggin cool would that be??? James Mirarchi
JEM7SB I think a beautiful JEM would be one with an ash body, carved top, a really great 2-tone sunburst paintjob, maple neck with an ebony fingerboard, (the colors of body and fingerboard might clash, so we should be able to choose ebony, rosewood or maple) all gold hardware, Breed or Evolutions (your choice) with Peizo's. an HS-3 in the middle pos. A coil tap to configure the P.U.s like the JPM. Matching Headstock. AANJ (Who can tolerate the original neck joints) Lion's Claw, Original Monkey Grip, I'm not sure about the inlay, I would image it would be identical to the 7VWH's, with the plastic larger leaves and abalone smaller ones, but if you got a maple fingerboard, maybe a black vine. An all abalone one wouldn't look bad. I think that'd be a really great guitar with a lot of versatility. Andy Dampier
UV-10-Ultimate. 7 String JEM10. The Ultimate UV777Bk Plus. Tree of life, silver pickups, headstock etc... hmmmm yes please !!! Steve Jones
UNIVERSE w/ monkey grip and wizard neck. Make a Univeres with a monkey grip and wizard neck. Make it white w/ matching headstock. I really like the RG350DX, but it is not a 7-string, and I really like the Univeres. So, why don't you put the 2 together? Ron
EVO7. Just like EVO, but a 7-string version, no truss rod cover either. Kevin Taterus
RG-7 for us people with less money White body, white pickguard, blue pickups, white machine head, black hardware. more affordable!! the reason they are not in much demand 'cause they are too expensive!!! Mike Gavrailoff
Jem777ce Collector's Edition. A guitar made that will be permitted by both designer and manufacturer to be designed by majority votes for it's color, pickups, hardware, wood used, and inlay, within the parameters of being an Ibanez Jem. This may grab the attention of others who are looking for a new guitar by wondering about this particular guitar's following. This could be good publicity for Ibanez as a one-time thing and could result in increased sales in the Jem line as well as maybe the other lines. Increased sales aor continuous sales will keep the line going and will feed our addictions. Promote Jems!!!! And UV's too!!! mike haug
More Colorful Models. This doesn't necessarily mean as flashy as other models have been. The Jem line seems very black and white right now except for the 77fp (black backround though). The Jems were well known for being as visually different as they are different in their capabilities for the player. But, it is ultimately for the designer and the manufacturer to decide. It is in fact, their names on or supporting the guitar. I love them anyway! mike haug
Guitar: Ibanez XED7. My dream Ibanez guitar would be have to be a seven string in that cool Custom Shop Infinity body shape. Changes I would make is that I would want it made out of Luthite. YES! The stuff they make the Ergodyne basses out of... NOT WOOD!!! That would be soooo cool to have an Ergodyne guitar. Also, I wouldn't want the reverse headstock. I also want it to have a 24/27 fret neck. That means that it the low B would have a 24th fret, but the neck would curve out and the high E would have a 27th fret. The tremelo would have an easy-block on it so you could stop it from floating by twisting some screws w/ an allen wrench. The XED7 would have a Luthite modeled carved top. The neck, however, would be made of maple w/ an ebony finger board and no inlays, except the 11th-13th frets would have a custom graphic. THIS GUITAR WOULD BE THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! Bill W
Munky/head signature models - I would really like to see ibanez go further inot the department of signature guitars. They already have the JPM, JS, JEM, and UV, now how about Munky and Head signature models. They have the coolest two person system in music today (even Steve Vai thinks so!) and they have the coolest looking seven strings you can get - James Mirarchi
UV777BK. I this guitar only had Chrome pick up covers!!!! I dont see why Ibanez doesn't do it. I just ordered the guitar today from Ibanez, (It'll get here around Christmas :( but hey, its an Ibanez, so I can wait a lifetime if I had to) I think I'll get them done maybe from Jeanie's. Also, if the pick-ups could be like EVO7's, Evolution's, but for a 7-string. And an Ebony fingerboard!!! Andy Dampier
UV777VGMC: Same as before, but don't worry about getting a monkey grip put in. Send it to Herc Fede for like $100, He'll put on in. Russell Muller
UV777VGM: Ok, first off, the Vine. Everyone wants it. Second, some more multicolors. I just put Green cuz that's my fav. But most importantly on my wishlist, is a Universe guitar with the so-called Lion's Claw custom trem cavity. I mean, how much farther can you pull up notes on a jem than any other guitar (with low action that is). The JEM's high E pulls up twice as far than it does on my RG-7. That is one of the coolest features on the JEM, and I know I"d definately but a UV if it had that extra trem space. Russell Muller
UV's and Jem's and RG's. I would like to see a black or textured black or something like that, with GREEN Blaze pickups and maybe a black or white moto pickguard. second, experiment with a thinner 7-string neck. add that strip of bubinga in the back to re-inforce it. Make a cheaper UV/Jem. I have to use RG's cuz i cant afford a UV or a Jem. and FINALLY, BRING BACK THE MULTICOLOR UNIVERSE, AND MAKE ALL IBANEZ GUITARS AVAILABLE IN THAT COLOR, INCLUDING THE RG 6-STRING SERIES and THE S SERIES! MULTICOLOR RULES! Doug Clark
JemX. Oiled rosewood neck, mahagony body (for warmth and sustain), neck-through construction (more sustain). Chrome hardware, Lo-Pro Edge trem, 2 volume controls (1st volume controls neck pickup only, pull up to coil tap - this way you can get a neck single coil sound and do the "bleep bleep" thing by turning the other volume to 0; 2nd volume controls single coil and bridge humbucker), 1meg ohm pots for more treble, Evolution humbuckers and Jem single coil. The pickgaurd would be rosewood, etched with all the coil symbols Vai is associated with. The body would have that textured black finish. Ebony fretboard with mother of pearl vine inlay, and red or blue flowers to add color. Brandon Phillips
Jem / Uv / js series / pgm series (leftys unite). I work in the retail instrument market and I understand the pro's and con's of making and not making left-handed instrument(but wait my right hand is on the frett board???!!!!)Now we know that fender has in the past mass produced southpaws,and we know the mark-up we have to pay for it(bastards!)But now, more and more guitar makers are starting to get the message(We walk among you and we will no longer be ignored) For the most part the stuff out there for southpaws is crap,including what Ibanez is putting out for us. So, I like many of you leftys out there have chosen to make my own machines, and my "rides" are far supior to anything out there!!!I have a machine loaded w/breeds and another w/ evos. One w/ 24 frett maple neck(one piece) and another with pao fero 22 frett. So don't wait for the manufactures to come around the parts are out there and not as expensive as you might think."We" have always stood apart from the rest!!! And lets face it, even the greatj sonic avatar James Marshal Hendrix was a lefty!! Find your own way.....peace,ese!! William E. Chavez
JEM77PMC. A reissue of the classical multicolor. There is a lot of people who dies for that guitar and will pay anything for it.I'm one of them. Pedro Santos
Ibanez Vai UV7MC. As close as the one on page 76 of the FEB 1990 issue of Guitar For the Practicing Musician. Jeremy Hunn
Jem "Bad Horsie". Raw ash body, black scratch plate, Jem7vwh neck, white/gold pick-ups, black knobs, white selector and gold hardware. Yes the same one Steve used on the FG tour, need I say more! Tim James
Ibanez JEM777, BSB-C "Blue Sunburst Custom". How about a deep blue sunburst, perhaps over flame maple/chambered alder, with an ebony board/Rock Maple Neck. Original neck setup ( i.e. scalloped 20-24 ) with a "eye-in-a-triangle" pearl inlay. Add to that a (blue ?) pearl pickguard and blue or blue/white zebra Evolutions with push pull coil tapping. Finally, add Silver Chrome H'ware (natch) 1st gen trem system with hand rest option. As for monkey grip..bent elliptical. There are of course possibilities, but I'd freak for a non-floral blue themed JEM/UV. If I can manage a sketch of this, I'll do one. Oh Steve...are you listening ? This audience member is.... Comments welcome, attacks ignored. Peace. Ken Spassione
UV777BKR. Exactly the same as the UV777BK with the exeption of the headstock. I'd want it to have a reverse headstock. KoRy Gosnell(Spooky)
Any Ibanez Guitar. I would like all of us in the UK to be given a chance to pay a fair price for Ibanez Guitars. I would like to buy a JPM100, but in the UK a 'bargain price' would be over $2000 american dollars compared to HALF of that sum in the USA. Is there anyway that I can bypass the greedy fat-cat UK distributors? Tim Williams
JEM with a piezo bridge system like a Parker Fly for an acoustic sound ?! Could be nice. Ken Spassione, Esq.
JEM7VBK - A black version of the Jem 7VWH, complete with the Vine and gold hardware. Sort of like the Jem 10 but without all the inlays. Andreas Larsson
GOOD LEFTY MODEL!. Us leftys need a good lefty guitar with a lefty lo-pro edge trem. either a jem7 or jpm would be a dream come true for us leftys! we're not asking for a damn jem10 or anything (but that would be nice)....just a good guitar...no cheap. Andrew Amicarelli
Guitar Customshop! I think Ibanez NEEDS a USA custom shop. I personally would like to see & own Sabre 7str with a fixed bridge, Talman 7str. (for single cutaway lovers), wood finished or stained 7str (ie Koa, Walnut, Quilted Maple, Ash), and a re-release of old custom finishes (like multicolor swirls, snake & lizard graphics, etc). I personaly own a black S5407 from '92 and recently bought a Cherry Fudge (looks metallic maroon) RG7421, as well as own a metallic black SF420 (pre S-classic). Spook
Jem 77. i would like this guitar to have all the features as a standard jem, but have a multi-color finish using red and black.W/ red hardware and pickups. Aaron Lonergan
JeB7vbl. My request is simple, and quite possible. I love the Jem basswood guitars, but hate the feel of the fretboard on them. Not a single ibanez basswood guitar has an ebony fretboard. I want a Jem7vwh to be made of basswood, and be made to look like the JEM 10, that would be the perfect guitar. Rohan Wolfers
A Ibanez custom made with the following features: S470QS body with 24 fret Wizard neck with jumbo frets. Diarzio "Norton Lite" neck and Dimarzio "SFP" bridge pickups wired like a JMP100P4 and a Lo-Pro Edge tremolo setup - Kevin Graves
i want a universe with only 2 hums not hum single hum. because i'm in that whole fear factory thing so i need it.color alpine white(any white), or black. inlays dots or pyramids.and it has to be packed with 2 emg-707's - john
RG7L. WHY the hell don't ibanez make left handed 7 string? and rg... not an AX piece of ****. Can't ibanez see that more people want an Lefty Ibanez than a right handed Jem with flowers and stars or whatever on it? And the price could go down.. ESP sell really good LTDs for 600 english pounds! I would buy one but I want to know if ibanez are gonna make a lefty 7? Paul O'Brien
Ibanez jem invinity 2000: ash body, monkeygrip lionsclaw, mirror/ore chrome pickguard, rosewood wizzard neck, silversparkle allover even the fredboard and the back of the neck, chrome pickupcovers, special chrome tone and volumeknops, black hardware (tuners,trem,clamps and handrest, inlay steve's special signs and notes in black, pafpro, hs2 and pafpro, standard silverstraplock and strap, aeroplainstyle case darkbleu inside, piezosadles and switch, backcovers black, black screws , stevevai pick standerd put inder plugcover, built and setup by the master himself - little greenman
RG7622. an rg7 guitar with locking trem in the colors vintage violin. chris
More support for lefties. A seven string and also a better Jem than the 555. I mean, the half vine inlays.... to keep costs down use philips head markers, they're just as cool. Or a lefty with Pyramids. Perhaps we should get together and lobby ibanez? Email me about it. Thomas Robertson
Well i'd like to take the neck and head as you call it to be the ones from a jem10 but also have Victor engraved before Ibanez. I'd like the body colors to be from a JEM77PMC and the shape of Steve Vai's Despagni Jem but maybe with a added swirl of flame colors. I'd like to add a five way switch and two more of the turnable gears. I'd also like it to have 7 strings. By the way can you show me a picture of it when your done? P.S. I don't want to buy this yet so you guys can sell it to other people and make many copies of it. Victor Manuel Ibanez (I have nothing to do with the company)
JEM7VWH. I would like to see gold finish Volume and Tone knobs on the JEM 7VWH. SUNIL P. RAO
Wizard Neck JEM: One of the only ideas listed as "rejected" by the site is one of the best ideas on the list. Bring back the Wizard neck! The site has plenty of comments on how much easier it is to play...this one is obvious. Combine that with the All-Access neck joint, and that'd be about the best playing Jem ever made. Rob
Saturated Acidic Distortion Guitar. The guitar would have a new Jem2kdna fretboard. Four knobs, a jem10 headstock. The paint job a Jem77gmc. A five way switch, and body shape of a Fernandez "Vortex". It would also have kind of a round neck to put both of a 6 string bass strings and the strings of a 7-string on two. It sounds kind of weird, but hey it would get a lot of customers and it would still sell lots of money even if it was at a low price because more people would want this guitar more than anything! Victor Manuel Ibanez
Guitar Double Neck Jem. Who wouldnt DIE for a 6/12 string Floral Jem i have a custom one i made from 2 jems, but one from the factory Ed Jackson
sabre - humbucker single coil single coil floyd rose liscensed tremolo (double locking) sabre series body and neck the humbucker is a demarzio DP-153 kevin pitts
JEM7PL: the JEM 7-string production line. make every JEM available with a 7 string option! Alex Kliner
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