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would changing frets make a big difference?

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I have an RG1527 and for the most part, I love the feel of the neck. But, the frets seem a bit big. They're jumbo and I was reading about how Satch uses 6105 frets on his JSs. Does anyone know if I'd notice a big difference in the feel and ease of playing if I changed the frets? And is it a big deal to do myself or not? Thanks.
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"easier to play" depends on the player and playing style. Overall, i don't think the big ones are any easier, though big bends are, if you like to "dig in". I like Carvin's mediums - somewhere between a 6105 and a 6150 (.048" x .103").
A short Paul scale should be EASIER to bend with the same string gauge - there's less tension. But low frets make it hard to get underneath the strings - THAT could be your problem.

Fast legato runs and arpeggios (if using a light touch) shouldn't matter; you shouldn't be hitting much wood anyway, and the action makes a bigger difference. There's no reason you can't have just as low an action on lower frets - IF the fretwork is accurate.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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