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would changing frets make a big difference?

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I have an RG1527 and for the most part, I love the feel of the neck. But, the frets seem a bit big. They're jumbo and I was reading about how Satch uses 6105 frets on his JSs. Does anyone know if I'd notice a big difference in the feel and ease of playing if I changed the frets? And is it a big deal to do myself or not? Thanks.
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darren wilson said:
I personally prefer 6105s myself. Taller narrower frets will also give you better intonation over time. Wider frets will give you a wider crown as the fret wears, throwing your intonation off.
has anyone used the 6105's on a les paul style guitar? Darren this sounds like something that would really fix several of my issues with my les paul. It currently has the original "fretless wonder" frets from 1986 and aside from being a bit worn I hate THEM! For chord work and stuff the action is amazing, maybe the best of just about any guitar, but the frets are close to the fretboard that I really cant bend notes very well at all. raising the action doesnt help at all. Im hoping to sort this out and change the inlays out sometime soon as I love the tone of that particular les paul. From what ive gathered at the lespaulforum, its referred to as a studio standard, it was apparently as high end as the standard just missing trapezoid inlays. It interestingly enough has a maple neck and top underneath that nice red candy apple paint job.
JESTER700 said:
"easier to play" depends on the player and playing style. Overall, i don't think the big ones are any easier, though big bends are, if you like to "dig in". I like Carvin's mediums - somewhere between a 6105 and a 6150 (.048" x .103").
Im hoping its not just the les pauls scale length thats causing my bending problems Im really having HELL with it at this point it bends like pooh! Any suggestions? Maybe I should just start another thread
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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