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Hi you all, I'm new here.

These days I could buy an old UV7BK, one of the first 500 made, 1990, still with the Edge Pro bridge instead of Lo Pro.
I just wanna know: in your opinion, were they good reliable guitars? I mean, were they known as well manufactured? If you were me, woud you buy one for about 1000€? As an alternative, I've also found an UV777Bk, from 2001, lo pro edge, about same price.

What would you experts do?

Sure, I can confirm they both look good. But are maybe they known to have some issue? Don't know, for ex. frequently twisted necks, or maybe (someone told me) often found with bridge's pivots not really firmly fixed in the body (due to consumption of the 2 holes), things like that... Sustain problems, lot of dead spots on the neck/fretboard... Etc...

Thank you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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