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WTB: 1993 Ibanez 540RLTD aka "Radius"

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Item wanted: 1993 Ibanez 540RLTD "Radius," Jewel Blue or Black (those are the only two colors the '93 came in, BTW.)

Description: JS/Satriani style body with IBZ pu's and sharktooth inlays. 1993 model would have the all-access neck joint (instead of a plate like the 1992 model).

Asking Price: Looking to trade/buy for around $300-$500+ depending on the condition...and it's negotiable, just be reasonable 'cause I'm a very poor college student

My Location: Marquette MI (Upper Peninsula)

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Negotiable, I'm an e-Bayer with lotsa perfect feedback. PM me for details and such...

Other Information: Email me with lotsa pics of it!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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