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I have a Peavey XXX 1x12 60W All Tube Combo with both OEM (Replaced) and JJ EuroTubes (Installed) and Peavey Footswitch.

Amp has never left my smoke free home studio and used only by myself and is in the same condition I got it in from the music store; minus the tube upgrade.

Same amp Joe used (Joe had Half-Stacks though) in the "Live in San Francisco" DVD.

I play my JS1 through this amp and you definately can nail the tone; and that's just with the gain up to 2!

If you're into the "Brown Sound", this amp definately covers that as well. I used to have a Wolfgang which sounded thick, full and had lots of growl, clarity and punch.

This amp definately has alot of headroom from a tonal and volume standpoint.

$575 +shipping

Steve C - RI

[email protected]
[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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