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WTB,777 DY,VBK,VDY, 77BFP, FP, RB, 7vwh 7sbl, BSB, or 90th

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Title basicly says it all, i'm looking for any of the above mentioned jems. I might buy a few maybe a bunch, I haven't really decided yet. As for the condition i'm looking for, anything from decent player on through pretty mint.
Out of my list I already have a floral, and a sparkle blue among other jems so I'm not looking to pay a ton for those two models just to let you know in advance.
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also forgot to say I may also take a uv1000 pink case on it's own as well.
I live in Buffalo, NY and i have a BSB for sale. I just bought it recently and I'm not going to keep it. I already purchased its replacement:)

I don't have the guitar with me, i'm at work right now, but i think it's a 98. It's in VERY good shape! I'm always a little nervous about saying excellent condition, but it's close. Very little fading. All original. Works perfect. I didn't get a case with it, but i will include a pink lined Ibanez case. The case works really good, but the center latch is broken.
The guitar was recently setup with GHS boomers - .009 guage strings...tuned to E.
I have a Paypal account, if that helps.

I'm thinking $1300...shipped to you...UPS ground...insured.

Let me know if you're interested
Scott Kent
I just listed the BSB because i didn't get a reply from you.

$1275 if you're interested.

go ahead and lock this up, I got a BSB and a 90th HAM and that's enough to add to the collection for now.
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