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WTB: 7DBK + case, Ships to Europe.

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I'm looking for an Ibanez 7DBK, in fairly good to mint condition.

Small scratches are overlooked but anything down to the basswood is a no-no, unless in a discrete place - back, small chips on edges etc.

The case would have to be hard in a useable condition, doesn't have to be ibanez branded but must have a jem shaped interior.

I know people like to change the pickups around on these guitars along with the pickguard. Any changes must be told about alongside images of the guitar being offered. These must included a visible Serial Number for verification.

Willing to pay from $800 to around $950 depending on condition and modifications.
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-Will buy any of the following Jems for a similar price.
777dy, 777sk - Obviously these would be in 'players' condition due to them being more sought after.
Custom resprayed Jem, Rg / Jem hybrid - must include monkey grip of either sort and either a lo-pro or edge tremolo. Nicer condition required.
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