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If anyone has a "junk" body laying around, I'd love to pick it up for a project.

Specs needed ->
- 22 fret (no RG's)
- NO ZR trem (unless it comes with the ZR trem and its dirt cheap lol)
- NO Floyd routes
- hardtail and synchronized tremolo bodies are fine

As long as its in 1 piece, condition is mostly irrelevant. Not *really* looking for a gio body, but if you've got one you think is real nice, I'll entertain it. Basically not looking for an 18 piece "agathis" body lol

This is just for an oddball project with my viper neck I've had for I think 15 years now lol; Im tired of looking at it haha. So no, Im not looking to spend 600$ on your mint 442R body :smile_big:

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