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wtb dimarzio, just about any bridge pickup

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As the title says, i am looking to get just about any dimarzio bridge pickup. Fred,tone zone, breed, x2n, d-sonic,norton,steve morse, steve speical, and x2n .

any colors, except black white or black cream. Any thing else is fine purple pink, green, blue white black, any color or color combination. Spacing doesn't really matter.

as long as it has a lead long enough to solder extenders on, or anything over is fine, would like in fair to excellent condition.

p.m. me if you got one of them you are looking to sell
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oh and i forgot to put in the evo, and evo 2s. Those would work as well.
ok, i think i got what i need for a 6 string.

I should be in the market for a seven string pickup soon but i'll post it then

So lock it up.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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