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WTB: DiMarzio Pickups - PAF Pro's, ToneZone's (US & UK sellers welcome)

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Hey Guys, I am really after some DiMarzio pickups for a few of my RG's that I havent updated the pickups in yet. And seeing as I am in a Paul Gilbert mood at the minute, and have been for the last few months, I would like some of his prefered pickups.

So to be exact, I am after PAF Pro's, ToneZone's, Humbucker from Hell's.
Overall, I need 4 humbuckers. So any number of each would be great. Whether they are F-Spaced or not doesnt matter. As long as they have plenty of wire, and are in good condition (with screws and springs).

Colour doesnt matter either. Any colour is acceptable.

Asking Price: I dont want to pay a fortune for them, so only reasonably priced pickups please.

My Location: Essex (near London) South East UK.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I can pay by PAYPAL, cheque.

Other Information: I would like to buy from the US if possible, because they will be cheaper from there what with the exchange rate, and DiMarzio pickups are expensive over here.

Just PM me, or email me at - [email protected]

Gary - The.Godfather
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I bought the pickups I need from Pete (lhrocker).

So you can lock this up now! :)
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