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Hello all. I'm currently looking for a few ibby parts to finish off a project, and can sell/trade some other stuff if people fancy.

Apologies for my low post count here, I signed up a long time ago but email problems prevented me from logging in consistently. I am very well known over on metalguitarist.org and previously on ss.org before the draconian change in management :lol: Hopefully some of the guys from there can vouch for me. I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland, but can post anywhere in the world.

Things I need:

1x single coil and 1x humbucker in Ibanez's grey finish. Working or not isn't important but they need to be clean. Alternatively, I'm looking for the same pair in blue.

Sure Grip II's in grey. There are a pair on ebay but the seller wants an insane $100 for them which is mad. I can trade you black ones for your greys if you wish, I have quite a lot of them.

Black Ibanez output jack, or any gotoh jack that can fit an angled Jem jack.

A ZR trem arm. Specifically the all-in-one units with the bolt attached, part number 2TRX1BA-001.

Cosmo locking pads.

Black string retainer bar from an RG550. Needs to be in good condition.

Probably more to come.

Things I am selling/can trade:

Two complete sets of RG550 cover plates for the tremolo cavity, electronics and output jack. Good condition but not perfect. £20/ea

RG565 neck plate + gasket. Black finish has worn off about 35% but works fine. Replaced with a cleaner one so this is spare. £25

1x black string retainer bar. Cosmetically fine but the screws are a bit natty. £5?

Torque bushing for ZR trems. I have 11 of these. RRP is insane, I'll do them for the price of a first class stamp + packaging. £2 shipped

Ibanez Sure Grip II's in black. I have about 20 of these. £4/ea

Nobease neon rubber knobs. Any colour, packs of three, rare as hens teeth, £35/pack. NOS, still in bag.

Left handed 7 string nut in black from a Lo-TRS7. £15?

Stud inserts for a Lo-TRS7. Free if you cover postage.
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