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WTB: Ibanez K-7 (K7) in Firepeaks Blue

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I am looking for an Ibanez K7 in Firepeaks Blue! I would prefer it to be in good condition and not one that is beat up. And if it had the Ibanez UV1000C case it would be a plus, but I can pick that up fairly cheap anyway. So, if anyone out there has this K7 and would like to sell it please e-mail me a [email protected]! I have looked around to see about finding a used one but I have had no luck finding one in that color; only the Blade Gray. So please give me an e-mail if you have one for sale and please send pictures and details about condition as well as your selling price. Thanks.
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I know I originally said I was looking for the K7 in Firepeaks Blue, but if anyone has a Blade Gray one for sale let me know. I would prefer the Firepeaks Blue one but would except the Blade Gray one. I am also looking for an RG7321CB (Cosmic Blue only), RG1077XLRB, or RG2077XLRB. If anyone has any of these please let me know. Thanks!
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