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I'm looking to buy an Ibanez J Custom RG6CST with Piezo. I am willing to pay whatever fair market value is for it now. I know that not many were made, so if you possibly know someone else who owns one and you might be willing to put me in contact with them, I'd be very grateful.

If I can't find a RG6CST, I would be interested in a Prestige RG2120XVV, again with Piezo.

I'm mostly looking for an Ibanez guitar in a natural style finish, with piezo but no fretboard inlays, Double Edge Whammy, and preferably 24 frets, so if you know of another Ibanez guitar like this, please let me know.

In both cases, I'm looking for the best condition guitar I can find, but I'm not too picky as long as it's unaltered and still playable.

Many thanks for any and all help.
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