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Item for sale: Jem555 hopefully ;o)

Description & Condition: Any, so long as its not falling apart, but it is quite essential it has an edge pro 2 trem on it (and the thing stays in tune well)

Asking Price: Cheap as chips

My Location: Manchester, England

Terms of Sale/Purchase: None apart from I will be paying via paypal or cash (in person) just to get me some kind of protection, the price you give me must include shipping with insurance too. Also, if you have an evilBay ID please send it me so I can check your feedback.

Other Information: I'm basically trying to make a Flo-a-like by whacking a sustainer pickup in the neck. So with that in mind, I am mainly looking at a white one but will consider a black one... to hell with it I'll even consider one with a TRS trem if its the right price. Thanks for looking :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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