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WTB: Jem77FP

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Looking for a good condition 77FP, preferably a lo-pro one (so 91-on I think).

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I have the 2003 limited (150) hand signed version of this in mint condition all paperwork and case I would consider selling.
I have a lo pro 77FP for sale, '91 I think has 2 small lacquer cracks in the front and a couple of small edge dinks, slight wear to bridge and some pitting to the neck plate, nothing that is noticeable when being played, comes with an old Ibanez hardcase (not an m100c or pink lined tho).

I don't have pics at the mo but I can borrow a camera to get some oin the next couple of days, if you're interested please mail me at spu03lbt(at)rdg (dot) ac (dot)uk

also I am currently living in andover hants, so am pretty close to oxford, should make picking it up easier if you are interested, cheers!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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