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I'm trying to round out my guitar collection with guitars i've wanted for a while and am looking for some specific types and models. Hoping that I can find some within the GC community.

1. Ibanez RT's - I'm looking for any ibanez RT series guitars, there are a few models/finishes that I don't have and need to complete my collection but I am interested in any available guitars or parts.

2. Ibanez FR - Looking for a specific FR model in sunburst (see picture), may consider others with the same pickup configuration.

3. Electric 12 string - looking for a good electric 12 string. I don't have any specific brands or models in mind just something that plays and intonates well and doesn't break the bank. Ibanez did make a 12 string RT but they are hard to find, if you have one you want to sell let's talk!

I'm located in Ontario Canada
ibanez_rt_catalog_3.jpg jzi8eg8kcbgutygylcnu.jpg
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