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Hey what is up,

I am looking for a few pickups to finish out projects i have going on.

I'd like to find a dimarzio breed set, titan set, transition set or illuminator set. Color isn't important.

looking for 2 dimarzio neck pickups. Air norton, LF, hum from hell, paf joe steve morse but open to suggestions.

Need a hum cancelling single coil neck pickup. Something a little higher output. Something like a satch track, fast track, cruiser or pro track.

I need a seymour duncan neck pickup. something that will pair with an sh-6 distortion.

Would also consider lace alumitones. h-s-s set would be awesome.

I have a dimarzio mo'joe, steve morse model bridge and would consider trading the seymour sh-6 for a dimarzio neck pickup.

let me know what you have.
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