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Okay i've been looking for a nice strat style guitar lately for a resonable price. I think i'm going to pass on the fender cuz i played a few of their standard series the other day and didn't really like the neck. It seemed very fat compared to some of the other strats I have played. If anybody is familar to the profile of a peavey raptor strat I like that much better. Anyways on to what i'm looking for;

#1.3 single coils or a ssh that has a humbucker that splits very well, i mainly play the 4th and 5th position on my strats.
#2.Either fixed bridge or vintage style trem
#3.I've been leaning towards a maple fretboard lately but will consider any
#4.Would prefer something with a little broken in feel but will consider brand new.
#5.Would like to come in under $370, the more the better :)

*Interested in whatever you have to offer, but series like the Ibanez Blazer and Roadstars seem the most interesting at the moment. Any thing will be considered if it meets the rquirements I have set so far. Thanks.
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