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Looking for a TC Electronic G-System. PM with what you have available.

Looking to buy one or possible trade for it. I have the following available for possible trades:

Jem77BRMR Jem
UV7PBWH Universe
Ibanez Prestige - RG3120 Twilight Blue
Charvel San Dimas 1 2H in Candy Apple
Jackson Dominion in River Bed finish with EMGs
Guild X-79
ESP LTD WA-600 LP style Will Adler signature
Fender Strat Plus in Candy Red
Ibanez 350dxfl - Charcoal flame top
Ibanez Jemini Pedal
MXR-Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR Phase 90
Gutatone Digital delay(mini one)
Boss EQ Pedal
Boss Noise Supressor
Other parts and goodies too!

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I got a nova system ill sell brand new with a g switch..
I got it for xmas from the wife..But I already have a huge pedal board..
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