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Having spent 3 days wiring a set of Tonezone Airnorton into my rg , with a 3 way and pushpull volume coil tap (which is all now 100% working) i battled getting the faceplate back on without loosing sound - you set it on and as soon as its 1-2mm off the guitar surface SILENCE , then you raise it 1mm SOUND! so having battled with that for another night , now the ****ing pickups are doing some weird shizz.

The air norton is fine , the tonezone is fine on one side - the other will now not grip the screw that was in it - asif the pickup feet have worn around the threads, so it just keeps slipping down.

Anyone encountered this and solved it ? Ive tried building the threads up with solder but its too brittle and breaks off.

I f000000king HATE wiring guitars
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