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WTH is this guitar?? Help ID please

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Looks like my RG7CTs but bound on the top. Natural? I can't tell. I can't find any info on an RG6CT. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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OMG, brainfart.... Thanks man. LOOOONG day....Thanks.
Those are 2 different guitars, the top one has a bound head and neck. The bottom is probably a 3120vv or similar.
Gotcha, that makes sense now that I know I am dealing with a scammer. That's why I was confused a bit.
I'd almost bet money the top one is an S series.
ecalcagnino said:
Please delete this thread. Thanks.

I could be looking at that guitar all day 8).

I keep telling myself not to visit this forum for my own sake... now I HAVE to buy one of those...
If you say it is like a 3120VV but with a bound neck and headstock it has to be a JCRG-3VV; those are really nice, definitely my favorite Ibanez guitar, if I could find another one I would buy it in a second.
Well, long story short, this guy has been trying to scam me for over a week now. I originally bought a 2005 RGT320 from him and he never shipped it, then gave me a bogus tracking number, then a bogus screenshot of the USPS site with the number, etc...

Anyway, now it's been reported to the FBI and the Secret Service because they handle all credit card fraud now apparently. In any event, these are the pics of the guitar he said he actually DOES have to sell, that he is VERY sorry and would take the $450 I already sent him and he'll ship it tomorrow AM.

Well, as you can see from even having started this thread, I was confused because the binding and the 3120 looks... Well, sure as sh*t, he pulled the pics from Ibanez Register and off we go.

My CC is going to give me the $$$ back but what a giant waste of time and general BS.

Beware Michael Sandefer from KY. :) What a tool. Anyone wanna buy an RGT320UJCRGQRBB made in Korea with no serial? Pics above! heh... Thanks guys.
Didn't your momma tell you that an RGT320 for 30% of dealer cost doesn't exist!! ;)
Heh, sometimes it's worth a try :). I got a few goodies that way as I am sure you have too there mister :)... The total for the RGT was going to be $850 though, just COD on the other half because I was a bit skeptical from the start. Not 30% but not 50% either.

Oh well, that's what good credit card policies are for.
And as such, I don't get the scam? If he has a merchant account he wasn't going to get away with anything anyway.
Aww man, that sucks Eric! At least you got your money back from the CC company.

By the way, that top pic indeed looks like one of those S prestige models with the binding and whatnot.
Yea, he was this younger guy that was a fresh from a dip in the shallow end of the gene pool. He was starting some aftermarket car parts store or something I think he said. I am not sure how he actually thought he would get away with anything.

This is annoying more than anything. My 6 week old car is just about to be taken back as a legal lemon (mmmm....tasty.....) so I have bigger issues unfortunatly.

Either way, I just don't need some slackjaw deciding to go on a roadtrip for settin' the big boys on him.
felipe82 said:

I could be looking at that guitar all day 8).

I keep telling myself not to visit this forum for my own sake... now I HAVE to buy one of those...
:lol: I could look at that guitar all day too.;)
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