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Awhile ago I purchased a pair of green evos from someone who was changing the colors of his Jem.

He said that they were a matched set, but one pickup was super lime green and the other was a darker evergreen.

I've found a match for the neck pickup so would like to pass this Bridge pickup to someone else who may be looking for either a darker vintage green Evo, or just looking for 1 pickup in general.

North coil reads about 8.0
South coil reads about 6.2
Parallel reads around 14.2

It's got about 9 inches of lead on it.

I also have this listed on eBay and reverb, I'm open to reasonable negotiations.

I would like to get 100, and I'll add free shipping to USA.

Here's some pics at the eBay listing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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