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Item for sale:2Johnson Millennium JM250's

Description & Condition:if your looking at this you probally know what these are,,if not go to www.johnson-amp.com ,,the top one is in 9 of 10 condition ,,,works great little to no wear,,the bottom one lights up but the power amp section is out on it and i dont want to fool with it,,so if your handy at that kind of thing,,or Digitech handles all johnson repairs and i think it's a flat rate price to fix everything on the amp,,,,,,,,,so the bottom one is being sold as non working,,JM250 are perfect for studio or some one who play's a lot of different types of music,,Im now playing in a metal band and need a hardcore amp to get revenge on a bass player and drummer who both run through the board and mic up in a 20 by 20 room!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to trade or sell these together and they will come with 1 J-8 foot controller thanks

Asking Price: looking for a marshall tube 100 watt or a Crate GT3500H 350W,,peavey mabey,,combo amps also welcome,,cash $600.00 usd plus shipping,,on trade we will see how it works out on shipping,,let me know what you got to trade you may have something i didnt think of thankshttp://www.geocities.com/broacherx/johnson.html?1122190052177 for more pictures

My Location:louisiana,,,71201

Terms of Sale/Purchase:both amps used, one working, one non-working

Other Information:http://www.geocities.com/broacherx/johnson.html?1122190052177


1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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