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I have a 2001 MusicMan Silhouette Special with fixed bridge in pretty rare pearl lavender color.

I would be interested in trading it in for a silo with maple fretboard and piezo. Of course I'm willing to pay the difference for a silo equipped with piezo.

The guitar shows it's age. I tried to capture all the imperfections in pictures (cannot post them so please PM me):

- a 1 cm (3/8") ding between output jack in strap pin
- a 5mm thin lacquer crack at the neck joint
- a crack on neck backplate at one of the screws
- a small ding at the upper side of the back of body

The frets are fine. The guitar was born on January 23rd, 2001. It does not have a compensated nut. Unfortunatelly I don't have original MusicMan hardcase but a well used SKB case.

I would prefer trading inside EU.

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