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WTT:My Ibanez 540p Skolnick guitar project for a TC G Major 2
I have a ibanez custom made body with a rg neck its not japan but the tuners and the edge trem system is. I am looking to trade for a tc g major 2 for the guitar i have. It has no case and the paint looks great but it does have little improfections in the paint but it is white and its hard to tell. But this was a project and i just cant finish it all but all it really needs is a good setup and the cavity covers on the back of the guitar. The neck and frets are in very good condition with no wear at all. And it has a dimarzio steve's special in the bridge and a air norton in the neck position. It does have a small chip right around the tremolo in the paint but it should be easy to touch up sice its white. But if interested and you have a tc g major 2 you wanna trade get back to me.

Pics here:

Only trading in the US!!!
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