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Item for sale: Zebra (black & cream) Air Norton

Description & Condition: Dead mint, installed and played twice. Full lead length.

Asking Price: Some other zebra Dimarzio

My Location: Illinois USA

Other Information:
I have this Air Norton in a Maple guitar, and it's just a wrong combination. I can trade for a neck pickup, OR I can move my current bridge pickup to the neck, and trade for a bridge pickup. Here're my possible trades, loosely in order of preference:

Neck models:
Breed, Al Di Meola, Super 2, Virtual PAF/Air Classic, Bluesbucker, HFH, PAF Pro

Bridge models:
Breed, Tone Zone, Super Distortion, Steve Morse, Double Whammy, Norton

Normally I would just start rotating pickups within my collection to accomodate my whims, but this is my only "zebra" guitar so I've got nothing to rotate. It seems to be non-F spaced, although the poles sit a little to the outside of the strings on this guitar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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