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Okay, the guitar on offer probably needs a little explaining. It is an RR constructed out of various parts that I've picked up. The body is alder with flamed maple veneer in amber sunburst. This was taken from an RX10D (the one with a single volume and no scratchplate). Pickups are the EMG 81/85 set, bridge is original floyd and stable as anything. The neck is made by mighty mite and is very thin, with a great satiny feel to the back. Maple with rosewood board, sharkfin inlays and reversed headstock. Tuners are sperzel (these were HARD to get hold of for a reversed headstock). It was put together by a professional and well-respected luthier from Cardiff and resonates like nothing else I've used. Work out the cost of all these parts plus construction and you'll see you might be getting a bit of a deal here. I should also mention it comes with a dimarzio clip lock strap and a hard case (if you provide a hard case too, of course!)

Pic here: (can provide more on request)


Particular 550s I'm looking for MUST have the AANJ, preferably the black one with the maple board or the RG550LTD in black. I'll also consider similar guitars like 570s, 1550s etc. Jackson soloists are a possibility too, or any MIJ Ibanez with H-H config. In fact I'm pretty open minded so just hit me with what you've got and I'll get back to you!
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