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I'm looking for another Peavey Wolfgang Standard with a trem, but I would like to trade for it, not really interested in buying right now.
I would prefer a black one, but other colors/finishes are fine as long as they are not ones that I already have.
I'm NOT interested in a tobacco burst, white, gold top.
Any other colors/finishes may interest me.

I'm also interested in an Ibanez Jem 7DBK.
I'd be fine with you keeping the pickups from the 7DBK if I can keep the pickups from one of my RG's....actually, if you wanted to keep all the hardware as well, that'd be fine. I really only want the body and neck.

Here's some things I have for trade, obviously I would do multiple pieces for the right item depending on what you have. (I may be able to put in a small amount of cash if need be or I could possibly come up with a few other small pieces to throw in the trade to make it work - we can discuss more via email):

Ibanez RG520GN
Ibanez RG520QSTK
Ibanez RG520 with spalted maple veneer top
Peavey Ultra Plus 120 head
Line 6 Flextone HD head with long footcontroller (300 watt version)
Carvin Legacy 4x12 (mono) <will not ship>
Randall Century 170II head

Contact [email protected]
Please put JEMSITE in the subject line so I don't miss your message.
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