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yet another 'help me i screwed up my EMG wiring' post

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well okay as the title suggests, i screwed up my wiring for my EMG's its a ZW set on my brand new RGT, well its not really that screwed, im just having problems with the pickup selector, bridge position seems fine but when i go for the middle it stays as the bridge, then at the neck position its the neck pup (or what i hope is the neck pup, im not sure what an 85 neck sounds like) now as far as i can tell i followed the diagram correctly while its messy soldering it appears to be okay, the only thing ive found to be wrong is that ive wired up the earthing wire to the volume pot...

now i do have some pictures but ive lost my cable temporarially, but if i find it i'll post pics, but until then is there any help people could give?
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okay here's a pic, yeah shoddy wiring ahoy... and no i didnt burn the pickup switch, it just looks like it in the picture...

any help guys...
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