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ZR string height adjustment

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Simple question: How do I adjust the string height on my ZR tremolo? I have made a very professional illustration with paint:

Should I use the 2.5 mm (?) allen key (is it even called that? lol) to turn the B stud (?), or an allen wrench (again, don't know the terminology) to turn the A thingy? (I feel soooo beginner right now...)

Very thankful for any response.

(Please let me know what everything is called too, it's driving me crazy! :))
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I don't have one, but according to the Ibanez manual, you just need to turn the allen bolt (B). I can't tell from the picture what the nut A is for. It looks like a locking nut for the height adjustment, but the manual says nothing about it. If you can't turn B, try loosening A first. Check out the manual at this link:

Ryanb always saves the day! Thanks for your help, I'll try raising my string height now.

Edit: It went just fine! I now have a string height of approx. 3 mm at the 22 fret, just as I want it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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